Sante Q

The EVALUA Sante® Health Risk Appraisal provides individual information on employee’s lifestyle, vitality, health risks and capacity to cope in his/her work. Occupational health services as well as HR departments can use the group survey results to better prioritise their efforts. The survey identifies work disability risks at an early stage, allowing for the diagnostics, care and rehabilitation to be started as early as possible.

Personal Feedback and guidance

Employees receive personal feedback immediately after answering the confidential questionnaire. The feedback includes recommendations for actions concerning the different topics, notification of increased risks and a possible referral to further consultation by a professional. The guidance to different actions can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each client.

Valid contents

The content of the Sante Q questionnaire is evidence-based and enables companies to identify latent problems that hamper work productivity. The Sante Q includes the following subject areas: musculoskeletal disorders, pain and physical impairment, depressive symptoms, stress and fatigue, sleep disorders and alertness, health behaviour (i.e. unhealthy lifestyles), risk of diabetes, long term illnesses and symptoms, occupational wellbeing and self-rated future work ability. The answers are interpreted on the basis of evidence and guideline-based criteria.

How do I benefit personally?

All participants will receive personal feedback immediately after answering the Sante Q questionnaire. The questionnaire results provide each participant with valuable information on factors that are related to lifestyle, health, vitality and wellbeing and give recommendations for further actions.

How does my company benefit?

Well-being at work promotes productivity. The Sante Q identifies future work disability risks at an early stage, allowing for the diagnostics, care and rehabilitation to be started in a timely manner. This leads to a better allocation of health care and well-being resources.

Effectiveness to occupational health care

The Sante Q enhances the collaboration between occupational health services and the company. The management and HR department can access the aggregated results through group reports in which the identity of individual employees is never disclosed. The results and the development of trends can be followed in a long-term perspective. Utilisation of the Sante Q not only enables the company to take better care of the health and wellness of its employees, but also leads to significant direct and indirect cost savings as demonstrated in our cost-effectiveness analysis.

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