Personnel surveys

Our personnel surveys assess the key motivational factors at work. The survey results provide a clear overview of the current state of the personnel and the factors related to this state. Results of the survey indicate needs for development.

Efficient distribution of the results

The group level results can be published quickly and efficiently in a SaaS result application, in which managers can view the results of their business units in an easy-to-read format. Managers can record the actions plans selected into a development project application, through which the HR management can review its progress.

Relevant contents

Motivated personnel with a high level of wellbeing is productive. Our personnel surveys assess the key motivational factors affecting work. In the interpretation of the results we utilize a large benchmark database, which has been obtained in multiple countries and cultural areas.


The Radar personnel survey is a tool for strategic management and human resource development. The survey analyses work organisation and conditions as well as management practices. The Radar survey delivers a reliable overview of how employees experience their work and the general atmosphere at work. The group results are easily distributed to managers, also in large corporations, thanks to the SaaS result application. Effective data analysis and the development of business practices help to promote employee competences and work performance. The Radar contains 88 questions that are grouped in 16 dimensions.

Support for development planning

We produce group level reports for the use by company management and HR. In the reports the identity of individual employees is never disclosed. Company management and HR can follow the development trends also in a long-term perspective. The method enables the company to take better care of its employees and to increase its profitability by continuous development of practices.

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