Research collaboration

Evalua strives to be a competence leader. In our research and development activities, specific emphasis is given to recognizing drivers for vitality, lifestyle, wellbeing, good health, motivation and engagement at work, and means to achieve them.

Evalua is proactive in creating innovations. Our service portfolio derives from our own key competences in science and our broad operational experience, as well as from long-term co-operation with strategic partners. Such co-operation is necessary to thoroughly understand the needs of the end-user, to comprehend and to optimize the performance of the value chain, and to safeguard the necessary expertise.

Evalua has long-term co-operation with research institutes and with corporate partners in core areas. We also co-operate with leading European universities conducting research.

Some of our past and present research partners:

  • The Amsterdam Public Health research institute of VUmc & AMC, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Department of Public and Occupational Health; VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam
  • Department of Occupational Health, University of Tampere
  • Department of Public Health, Helsinki University
  • Finnish Institute of Occupational Health
  • HEMA Institute, BIT Research Center, Aalto University, Helsinki
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