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We help our clients in improving labour productivity by enhancing health and well-being of their employees. They appreciate the depth of our research knowledge and smooth project implementation.
We co-operate closely with Mutual Pension Insurance Company Ilmarinen and Terveystalo Occupational Health Services.
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Internalization of the value of healthy living is positively associated with healthy behaviour. In contrast, feeling pressure to live healthily is negatively associated with healthy behaviour. Read more

Selective participation in a physical activity intervention at the workplace: participants had better health behaviors and fewer health problems than those who did not participate. Read More

Promising results concerning return-to-work programs for major depression. Read more

Evalua has proven to be a valuable partner for companies in providing information to support the management of well-being, health and work ability and equally in avoiding costs associated with ill health and work disability

Jan SchugkChief Medical Officer, Confederation of Finnish Industries EK